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♡sarah [userpic]
by ♡sarah (justliisten)
at December 15th, 2005 (07:13 pm)

Hi everyone, just dropping by to say hello. this community is a little...erm. dead?
why don't we liven it up with fanart recs from both sides- we've seen what the other side can write, now lets see how they draw :)

Riddler [userpic]
H/Hr Sites
by Riddler (riddler_)
at December 1st, 2005 (11:26 pm)

Are there any DECENT H/Hr shipper sites that aren't against JKR, Emerson, MuggleNet and the word 'delusional'?

Does anyone have H/Hr fanfiction recommendations? I haven't read any H/Hr since HBP came out.

I ship R/Hr and H/G but I like H/Hr in fanfiction because the first fanfiction I read had H/Hr and I liked it.

RevolutionaryLaurie [userpic]
Hidy ho
by RevolutionaryLaurie (revolution25)
at November 30th, 2005 (02:47 pm)

I've been here for a while, I've been replying, but never posted anything. I'm a H/Hr shipper, and I joined this place because all the bad vibes going around just suck. I also have to add, that even though I ship one way I never only read fanfiction that has that pairing, I usually like reading anything (I've even read two rather good SS/HG fics, even though the pairing usually squicks me).

And before I forget:

I made this a while ago for the comm., just thought it looked cool and thought I'd share.


by Jessica (jessica20121984)
at November 30th, 2005 (02:41 am)

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Hi! I just joined the community. I ship R/Hr but I'm also Auror friendly. That means that I don't ship them as a couple since I see them as friends nothing more, but if it happens, I won't throw rocks at JKR :)

I'm glad that kind of community exists

Pointless Introduction
by Manda (manda2247)
at November 29th, 2005 (02:21 pm)

Hey Everybody

I love this community. It's such a great idea and makes me really happy. Plus you all are so nice!

I'm officially a Hermione/Harry shipper, but I pretty much like every ship once in a while. I just hate how much Ron and Hermione bicker; it really makes me sad for them. Just like it makes me sad when shippers bicker.. Why does it matter that someone doesn't ship the same way you do? Why can't I go on enjoying my thing, while you enjoy your thing? Ya know?

Err.. I'm not sure I'm making sense, but that's okay, I hardly ever do.

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Lauren [userpic]
by Lauren (_starcatcher_)
at November 28th, 2005 (06:17 pm)

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Hi! *waves* Im Lauren, and I amanobessesedharrypotterpotterfan am a Harry/Hermione shipper and a Ron/Hermione shipper. I can go with either one, I don't really care. I am glad though that there is a community like this, that way no one is arguing with the h/hr shippers. That annoys me to death.

And I got into liking h/hr because my friend told me I wasn't allowed to ship r/hr (she loves Ron that's why) and I had to ship h/hr. And at first I was like "pfft..you're crazy!" but now I am really into it and I luff it! *warm fuzzies*

risqué maiden of Hogwarts ♥ [userpic]
by risqué maiden of Hogwarts ♥ (bluebell898)
at November 28th, 2005 (09:07 pm)

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Hi I joined to show that even I'm a raving R/Hr fan I still fo enjoy having H/Hrs there to keep up the "friendly" fight. Shipping would lose it's fun if it weren't for you, our great and determined rivals. Thank you for being there!

Also any R/Hr OR H/Hr shipper out there that would like to friend me I would love it!

Nicki [userpic]
Well, hello there! *waves* :o)
by Nicki (nickinoodles)
at November 28th, 2005 (03:01 pm)

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Hiya everyone! Hope you're all well this fine snowy day... :o)

I'll keep it short but sweet methinx: I'm a Ron/Hermione shipper and am all for friendly ship-related banter with some fellow Potter enthusiasts (i.e. you!) Yay for harmony! People really take these ship wars too far, I'm glad to have found a community without such childish, unaccepting behaviour! I'm more than happy to hear people out and let them express their own views without pouncing on them! Peace.

Bye for now! Mischief managed  ;o)

Nicki x

Frances [userpic]
Drabbles R/Hr and H/Hr
by Frances (goldy_dollar)
at November 28th, 2005 (12:27 am)

Right, so, I was trying to figure out the different dynamics of R/Hr and H/Hr - why someone would be more attracted to one dynamic over the other. Sure, there's blah, blah, blah, R/Hr is OMGTENSIONCANONFLUFF and H/Hr is OMGANGSTYFRIENDSHIPSMUT, but, you know, I don't do too well with explanations.

So I wrote each ship a snoglet because I express myself better in writing. I tried to make the snoglets reflect the dynamics of each ship outside of my shipper biases. Um - this is probably a problem, since I don't have much experience writing R/Hr snoglets. Still! I agonized over the R/Hr due to that, so I hope it turned out okay. *nods*

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Time Winding Down - H/HrCollapse )

Okay. Leave me feedback. After you read them both because it's, like, required by community law and stuff.

Ashley [userpic]
Now let's dance in a happy circle of love, butterflies, and croutons!
by Ashley (tacoyaki)
at November 28th, 2005 (01:11 am)

Hey another new new member, another Ashley!

I'm a R/Hr supporter, but Cedric/Cho is my OTP and I love Draco/Ginny. Obviously the fourth book is by far my favorite, which only led to MAJOR disappointments with the recent movie. I've seen it twice already and it hasn't worked for me either time. However, my main problem really isn't with the shipping, but more with the tasks, the mood of the movie (Goblet of Fire is DARK! Darker than the any of ther other previously! Hello?) and other details. That's my issue, details.

In everything.

Now I have a confession. I didn't join here because I'm sick of all the bickering between the ships. In fact, I enjoy it. However, I am sick of one person claiming that "OMG! All Herons are so MEAN, you guys might be different, but most of them are &*%$)turtles($((#. We Harmonians don't do anything, but cling to our sinking ship, OMG!!!!!!1111!" Hopefully, here it's assumed that there are idiots on both sides. Rude people on both sides and people who'd gladly shoot either ship as its sinking BUT we are not them! Nice people exist and occasionally it's fun to forget that crap!

No. Way.

I'm actually looking for some good H/Hr fanfiction, because honestly... I rate the ship on my dreamings and the fanfiction. If it doesn't have a creative and clever following I just don't bother (re-hashing tired fanfiction plots, "Well, if Hermione was put under a love spell and Draco was the only one who could take care of her...")

And while I'm at any good fanfiction? I'm low and I actually have some spare time on my hands. (Especially if it's CC or DG, but I'm easily converted to anything with a decent plot!)